Bybit x Zignaly Integration — Catalyzing $ZIG’s Growth 🚀

4 min readDec 13, 2023

Expert Traders can now add $ZIG in 500,000+ Portfolios on the Zignaly & Z-Prime powered platforms

Today, Zignaly partners with the top-tier Crypto Exchange Bybit! This is a major integration for Zignaly given the multitude of benefits to the ZIGDAO ecosystem. With Zignaly becoming an Official Bybit Exchange Broker Partner, the potential is unlimited, starting from the accessibility of $ZIG coin to Zignaly’s 500,000+ Investor Portfolios, to strengthening the Z-Prime offering by opening access to another popular exchange to the traders & much more — this road leads to increased protocol revenues, strengthening the ecosystem and reflecting the success directly on $ZIG, by allocating a significant portion of ever-growing revenues to Buying Back & burning ZIG, twice a month.

Zignaly integrates Bybit, becoming an official Exchange Broker Partner!

Let’s take a deep dive into how this integration is a complete game changer for not only Zignaly & ZIGDAO but, most importantly for Zignaly users and ZIG holders:

Big Ups to $ZIG Adoption

With $ZIG already listed on Bybit, this integration greatly boosts the ZIG adoption in the Zignaly ecosystem, as it can now be traded and invested into by our Expert Traders managing assets for 500,000 Investors on Zignaly. With ZIG tradeable on the platform, Zignaly will now be able to incentivize and promote the adoption much more effectively. Who gets the vibe of ZIG better than our 500k+ users and Expert Traders on the platform? 💪

Revenue Boosters

Let’s talk about direct benefits to the ecosystem and protocol Revenue — integrating Bybit translates to:

  • Strengthened Z-Prime offering — Our Z-Prime Whitelabel offering is set to strengthen significantly, enabling Z-Prime partners access to yet another sought-after exchange, and amplifying the trading opportunities. It’s important to mention the wider and robust asset selection available on Bybit opens up newer avenues for our Partners and users alike.
  • Tapping into the Bybit Network — Supporting Bybit translates to broadening the funnel of communities and traders in Bybit network who could be potential Z-Prime customers, leading to more Z-Prime partnerships and an ever-growing revenue! 🚀 Onboarding a strong Trading community means acquiring hundreds of thousands of their followers and users with concentrated efforts. This leads to instant growth, similar to our recent success story with Criptomanicaos — Brazil’s largest Trading community powered by Z-Prime, that onboarded 5,000+ users with $2.5 Million in AUMs in the first few days of operation!
  • Zignaly’s Gateway into Asian (SEA) Markets — With Bybit being the exchange of choice in the Asian and specifically South East Asian parts of the world, this integration will aid Zignaly’s penetration in these new markets. The trust that comes with investing with Expert Traders on Zignaly via the Bybit platform is set to boost conversions, and increase business volumes and user profits, leading to exponential growth.

Let’s take a glimpse…

With all that said, We are close to finalizing the integration of Bybit, soon to be released to the Zignaly users! Here’s an exclusive look into it:

A third-party trading tool connected to Zignaly (on a Bybit based Service), used by one of our Expert Traders for portfolio management and trade execution!

As we reach the final stages of the integration and the launch, here’s an insight into how Bybit services pop-up on the user interface:

Big props to Expert Traders migrating their services to Bybit, and helping our Dev team with extensive testing

Powering the ZIGDAO & $ZIG: Bybit x Zignaly Integration

While the Bybit integration broadens the investment horizons for Zignaly users and Expert Traders, it also serves the grand purpose of promoting the sustainable growth of the ZIGDAO protocol and ZIG in four key areas discussed above; i) Massive ZIG adoption as it becomes tradable on the Zignaly platform, ii) Strengthened Z-Prime offering with access to more tradable assets iii) Broadened funnel for Traders and Trading communities acquisition using the strong Bybit Network & most importantly, iv) Zignaly’s gateway to the SEA market where Bybit dominates as the Exchange of choice for millions — Bybit integrated into Zignaly makes it a comfortable choice for investing with our Expert Traders!

With these significant revenue boosters in place, we are looking forward to increased business volumes leading to exponential revenue growth and an accelerated ZIG burn rate under our bi-monthly Buyback & Burn program, a major move toward establishing ZIG as a deflationary token.




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