Ninja Shuttles NFT by Zignaly — Here’s your chance to get it FIRST!

The Exclusive Zignaly Community Pre-Sale opens NOW… Get set, GO!

4 min readFeb 22, 2024

We are excited to share that the Ninja Shuttles NFT collection on Injective is growing closer to mint. This initiative is in line with our strategic vision to embrace DeFi and is a giant step to take our AI Powered Investment Tech to a broader audience.

The Ninja Shuttles NFT collection comes packed with $ZIG-based utilities, allowing ZIG and Ninja Shuttles Holders to earn $ZIG perpetually! Here’s how it works:

  • The funds from the NFT sale shall be Invested in our investment pools managed by the best ZScore AI Discovered Traders
  • The returns generated will be used to buy $ZIG from the market and distributed to the NFT holders.
  • Those NFT holders who hold $ZIG in their wallets as well shall receive a bigger slice of the $ZIG-based return pool and also qualify for exclusive raffles with the prize pool denominated in $ZIG!

Collection Details:

Supply: 7,000 Pieces

Exclusive Presale Price: 75 USDC (30%+ Discount)

Blockchain: Injective

Read the Whitepaper here.

This would not have been possible without YOU, the Zignaly Community, and the positive role you have played in bringing us to this stage.

Hence, keeping up with our community-first approach, here is how you too can get involved:

  • Every registered user on the Zignaly platform qualifies for an exclusive pre-sale of the Ninja Shuttles NFT collection. We have a total of 7,000 pieces up for grabs, so you better hurry up before they run out!
  • The limit is 3 per wallet on a first come first serve basis.
  • The presale is at 75 USDC, a 30%+ discount to the mint price of 110 USDC — our way of saying thank you to our early supporters.
  • Those participating will be automatically whitelisted for future NFT collections that we launch on other chains! 🤝

Here’s a step-by-step guide to access the Presale:

Step 1: Access the Presale page here:

Step 2: Log in with Discord & authorize access

Step 3: Add your injective wallet as this is where you receive your NFT post-mint (ETA: 1st Week, March). We recommend Leap wallet!

Step 4: Connect your Phantom wallet (on Solana). Make sure to have sufficient USDC to pay for the pre-sale, and SOL to pay the gas fee.

Step 5: Join the Ninja Shuttles Discord server:

Step 6: In the “Purchase Amount” cell, enter the number of NFTs you’d like to buy — max limit: 3 NFTs per wallet

Step 7: Click “Enter Presale for XXX USDC” and confirm the transaction. At this point, the required USDC will be deducted and your pre-sale entry will be confirmed. 🚀

New to Atlas3 and Injective, here’s a Presale tutorial video we shot for you!

Yes, it’s that simple… hurry up before we run out of the NFTs!

Ninja Shuttles — A Growth Catalyst for Zignaly:

To sum it up, on top of AUM’s growth which elevates the Protocol revenue and $ZIG Buyback and burns rates, this exclusive NFT offering will be buying $ZIG off the market to distribute to holders! 💪

This also allows us to add an exciting new utility to the $ZIG token — the ability to improve your yield from our investment pools. So let’s put those $ZIG to work!

Happy Investing! 🚀

About Ninja Shuttles:

Ninja Shuttles by Zignaly seeks to pioneer the NFT-Fi landscape on Injective and beyond, by introducing Zignaly’s AI-powered investment management technology to the world. At its core, this team of seasoned Web3 veterans is bringing a product that has achieved market fit, with more than half a million users, to the Injective community. The Ninja Shuttles mint proceeds will be deposited into investment pools managed by Zignaly’s proprietary AI-powered trading strategies, designed by the world’s Best Fund Managers, leading to revenue share for 7,000 holders.

Website | Twitter | Discord | Whitepaper

About Zignaly:

Zignaly is a web 3.0 AI-powered, revenue-generating Social Investment Platform for the new generation, connecting the World’s best Fund Managers with Digital Asset Investors. Zignaly provides a marketplace where over 500,000+ users connect with 150+ veteran Portfolio Managers who manage $125 Million+ for a share in the profit. Official Broker Partners with Binance, Bybit and partnered with some of the top players in the Digital Assets Space, Zignaly has scaled from 20,000 to 500,000+ users in 1 year.

If you’re interested in getting updates from Zignaly, please reach out via one of our official channels:

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