ZIG Circulating Supply and Emission Schedule

Today we are going to answer a few of the most asked questions regarding ZIG: “What is the ZIG circulating supply?”, “ When would we see new tokens coming out?”, and other related topics.

This post should be the guiding light to answer all questions going forward. One disclaimer is that these are approximate numbers, and if there is any substantial change, we will inform the community well in advance.

Also, our ZIG circulating supply just got updated on Coin Market Cap (CMC) — https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/zigcoin/

Let us start with the token breakdown:

ZIG Token allocation breakdown

Private Sale (250M — 12.5%):

Zignaly raised USD 3,000,000 in a private sale from the top institutional investors and VCs. Time and time again, we have thanked our investors for the continued trust, confidence, and corporation they have shown.

30% of the coins are already released, 30% more will be released on 14th July 2021 and the last 40% will be released on 14th October 2021.

Advisor Allocations (65M3.25%)

We have a very interesting set of advisors, few of them are much more operationally involved. We are sure you all read about the star-studded inclusions (https://zignaly.com/blog/coinmarketcap-former-cto-joins-zignaly). The release schedule for the most part is the same as the private sale.

Liquidity Program (240M — 12%)

Zignaly has dedicated a significant 12% of its supply towards the upcoming Liquidity Program. To add more to it, we will be working with multiple platforms to enhance the rewards for the users, and also make it rewarding for the users to delegate it on Zignaly itself.

A very important aspect of this program would be to incentivize users who will keep ZIG on the platform to avail various benefits as well paying for services. This makes us a real platform with real use cases. We intend to use this large allocation smartly over a longer period of time, at least 4 years, and maybe more. Further info on this program will be provided in a separate blog over the coming weeks.

Campaigns & Community Giveaways (100M — 5%)

Zignaly is standing on the strength of its community, and we recognize it at every step. We intend to run continuous awareness and giveaway campaigns over months and years, already finished 2 giveaway campaigns in the first 3 weeks of our announcement:

  1. 600,000 ZIG giveaway to 400 community members to celebrate AscendEX listing.
  2. 1,500,000 ZIG giveaway in partnership with AscendEX. The campaign ran between 15–23th April.

Zignaly Reserves (500M25%)

This is the most significant portion, and very strategic in nature. Zignaly is a revenue-making project, in fact near profitable with solid sponsors and available funding routes. We already raised USD 3mn in a private sale, which is a good amount to last pretty long. This means Zignaly intends to use these reserve coins for strategic and important steps, and over a very long-term horizon.

Examples of usage of these funds can be an interesting acquisition, or a very big partnership, or the creation of an innovation fund. You got the gist!

Market Making/ Partnerships/ Exchange Listings (200M — 10%)

10% of the supply is purely dedicated to efforts to support and make ZIG accessible to a wider user base across crypto and non-crypto investor bases. A portion of this is already in use for market making, a bit is paid for listing, and more to come. The used amount from this portion is already part of the circulating supply. Many projects incline to remove the market-making portion from the circulating supply, we want to be conservative and therefore, decided to keep it as part of the circulating supply.

Expert Trader Incentive (100M — 5%)

Zignaly is serving investors on the back of top-notch expert traders. With the social investment sphere getting traction, it will be important to keep expert traders incentivized to stick to Zignaly and do better. In the coming days, the community can expect to see expert traders/ service providers incentive packages roll out.

Founders Pool (545M — 27.25%)

Founders and the founding team are all 100% dedicated to the project and the incentives are aligned to do well in the long run. All founder coins are locked for 6 months post 1st listing and there is a long-term linear distribution over the period of 30 months after that.

Estimated Emission Schedule

Based on the above numbers, and the plans ahead around the ZIG utilities as well the liquidity program, the following is the expected coin emission schedule over the next 12 months:

Essentially, 29% of the supply will be in circulation by the end of year 1 (April 2022). The numbers can change a bit, but we will keep the community informed if there is any significant change.

Zignaly is a social investment platform that lets you invest together with the top crypto traders and pay only a portion of your profits. https://zignaly.com